Package Payments

Package & Excursion Payments

All bookings completed on the AYT website and its booking engine, Fare Harbor, are by done by request.   Our system is not able to pull live inventory or access from our vendors, however we do work closely with all partners to ensure accuracy and update our inventory and prices carefully.

Most bookings are fulfilled as requested, but there are times that vendor availability may be limited, or seasonal pricing may be in effect.  We do our best to communicate that to you.


Most excursions availability and accuracy tends to be more precise and exact compared to our weeklong packages that include air, hotel, car rental, or other tour components.  Excursions and items we have full control over inventory, we notate that in our receipt to you (example:  our Sunset Booze Cruise Whale Watching excursions out of Juneau are under our full control, whereas the standard Whale Watch excursion is operated by a partner).

In order to start the process, we do require either full payment (excursions, some hotels) or a deposit (tour packages) of at least $100 USD.   Your card will be charged the amount reflected in the booking system, and post as "FH Alaska Yukon".

AYT will respond to your initial booking within 2 business days via e-mail (so please check your junk/spam folder), or a phone call if we don't hear from you.   We will share any/all confirmation numbers with you via our itinerary management program, TripIt, which is a free tool for you that allows you to see all your bookings and travel elements in one system.  This will require you setup a free account with them and password.   If we are able to confirm the entire booking request, we will automatically charge the credit card on file for any balance due or follow the payment schedule.

Travelers who have purchased ONLY an excursion/tour item will receive a follow-up email ONLY.


For packages that require customization or updates to either a product or price, you will have the option to accept the redesigned package or receive a refund of any deposits paid.

Once you have accepted a package/product, we are bound by the refund, cancellation, and change policies of the vendors we use.

Payment Policies

Consumer & Travel agent payment schedule is below:

  1. Alaska excursions on a stand-alone basis:  Full payment due at time of purchase
  2. Alaska 1 & 2 overnight packages: $100 deposit per person, final payment due upon confirmation.
  3. Alaska multiple night packages: Airfare due upon confirmation, $200 deposit at time of booking, 50% payment due 120 days before departure, final payment due 45 days prior to departure.
  4. Scheduled Air:  Full payment due within 24 hours of confirmation
  5. Hotel/Car rental:  Payment advised when booking (eg: pay direct at check-in or prepay in full)
  6. Belize packages: $200 deposit + taxes at time of booking, 50% due at confirmation, final payment due 30 - 45 days prior.
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