Air travel to Belize is a bit easier than one might think. There are plenty of departures on larger carriers that link the country to most of North & South America.

belize flight map getting to belize

Flights to Belize originate mostly in the US, with links to Canada and Panama.  All flights are operated using full size jets on major carriers.   The bulk of flights operate in and out of Philip Goldson International Airport on Saturday & Sundays, so be prepared for lengthly lines in customs and immigration.

Most flights arrive at Belize City Philip Goldson Intl Airport in the afternoon, which allows ample time to connect on to a regional flight to the Cayes, take the ferry, or rent a car.  A new slew of flights for the country are starting to arrive even later, which requires an overnight in Belize City.

When you arrive in Belize City, there are NO jetways or jetbridges - everything will be using mobile stairs or mobile ramps.   All arriving guests then walk outside on the ramp, to the customs and immigration area.  There are typically 6 lines of customs workers who will verify your documentation & also Covid-19 status, before you enter bag claim.  The line can back-up outside, so we highly recommend a plastic poncho in your carry-on!

Customs can take 30 minutes (when no one else is in queue) up to 2 hours.  So plan accordingly.

Make sure you are prepared for not just sun, but also the rain

Airlines and Destinations from Belize

Alaska Airlines is now flying to Belize City from Seattle and Los Angeles.

Alaska Airlines

Year-round service from Los Angeles, Seasonal service from Seattle, Wa.
LA -> Belize arrive 5:08PM on Mon, Wed, Fri, Saturdays
Belize -> LA depart 10:00AM on Tues, Thu, Sat, and Sundays
Seattle -> Belize arrive 4:16PM on Fri, Saturdays
Belize -> Seattle depart 8:45AM on Sat, Sundays

Seattle Departures are VERY attractive to those in the PacNW, but it will require you show up at the airport around before 7:00AM and that can be difficult if you are staying inland or on the Cayes.  We highly recommend the LA flight as an extra stop onward to Seattle/Anchorage, etc.

Alaska is partners with American, and a member of the oneworld alliance.  Alaska and American, when paired together, offer an expanded travel offering for those coming to Belize, including very low Mileage Plan redemptions for flights to Belize.  If you need to overnight in Seattle, we have a super low rate of $104/nt + taxes at the SeaTac Crowne Plaza.

American Airlines

Year-round service from Dallas & Miami, with seasonal nonstops to Charlotte, Chicago O'Hare, and Los Angeles

Dallas/Ft. Worth - 1 or 2 Daily flights
Miami - 1 or 2 Daily flights
Charlotte - Saturday only seasonal service
Los Angeles - Saturday only seasonal service
Chicago O'Hare - Saturday/Sunday only seasonal service

American has been one of the longest serving airlines to BZE, and employs its own staff at PGIA. AA is partners with Alaska Airlines, and also a founding member of the oneworld alliance.


Copa Airlines

Year-round service from Copa's hub in Panama City, with connections to all of North, South, and Central America.

Panama City -> Belize service operates only twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Copa's flight times offer ample connecting opportunities to cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, New York JFK, Washington Dulles, San Francisco, and others.  Flights connecting thru Panama do not require a Covid-19 test in order to transit in Panama - you will only need a valid test if you chose to leave the airport.

Copa is partners with United Airlines and a member of the Star Alliance.

Delta Air Lines

Year-round service from Delta's Atlanta megahub with connections all over the world possible!

Atlanta -> Belize service operates daily with increased service on peak weekends and times.

Delta is partners with WestJet, and a founding partner of the SkyTeam alliance.  Their flights partner well for Canadians & others who want to mix and match alliance flights to maximize their time in Belize.


Frontier Airlines

Frontier service is slated to begin in December 2021 with its ultra-low cost carrier model.  Customers are enticed with super low-fares, and added in services to increase your experience, including Stretch seating.

Denver & Orlando to Belize operate on Saturdays only.

Frontier is not partners with any major alliance or carrier serving Belize, but don't let that sway you.  The airline flies modern Airbus A320 equipment.  Frontier has large hub-like operations in both Denver & Orlando, so connections to cities in its network should be possible.

We highly encourage customers to book one of the bundles that includes your carry-on, checked bag, and seat assignment.  Main cabin on Frontier can be quite "tight" when compared to other full-service carriers, and we highly recommend exit-row or Stretch seating.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest entered Belize in a big way before Covid-19, and they are now back.

Houston Hobby -> Belize services operate 5 days a week
Denver -> Belize service is Saturday only, and seasonal

Southwest isn't in any alliances but its RapidRewards program is very successful and wins numerous awards for its easy of earning and redeeming.

Southwest gives all customers 2 free bags and no change fees for all bookings.  Its large operation in Houston Hobby allows for connections to a large portion of its network.


Sun Country

Sun Country is a low cost carrier based in Minneapolis, providing new seasonal service to Belize.

Minneapolis -> Belize operates on Saturdays only

Like Frontier, Sun Country is not a member of any alliances but does have a frequent rewards program.

And our advice is the same as Frontier - we urge customers to book a bundle and pre-reserve seats.  Sun Country offers expanded legroom section seats with extra perks.


United Airlines has been serving Belize for as long as American (when its pre-merger partner Continental operated to Houston).  United offers an extensive reach from Belize, both year round and seasonal.

Houston Intcl -> Belize operates twice daily
Newark, Chicago, and LA to Belize operate on weekends only, and seasonally.

United is partners with Copa, and is a founding member of the Star Alliance.

Flights are timed to offer connections to most of its domestic network thru its hubs and limited international reach connectors.



Canada's "original" version of Southwest Airlines is now flying from Canada to Belize with seasonal service.

Toronto -> Belize operates 3x a week
Calgary -> Belize operates on Fridays

Westjet is partners with Delta.

Westjet mixes "ULCC" type service with full service, now offering a premium cabin with enhanced services.  Their reach to Toronto & Calgary make getting to Belize much easier for Canadians, and coupled with the daily Delta flight from Atlanta, travel is easier without multiple connections.

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