Please note: Our Yukon packages are on hold due to the YG Emergency Declaration.  We are still optimistic to offer transborder summer tours.


Travelers to Alaska are NO LONGER required to get a COVID-19 Antibody PCR test within 72 hours of departure from your location.  However, airport testing is FREE at all major Alaskan airports, and we do *ask* all travelers, regardless of vaccination status, to please test.  Results take 24 - 72 hours to return.  While we legally can not ask for your status, we kindly remind you that many of our communities have little to no health care facilities.

Because of this, all participants of AYT packages have NOTHING scheduled on the first day.  This is NOT a forced quarantine, but a safety measure.  We really want you to enjoy Alaska & The Yukon, but your first day should be relaxing and focus on adjusting to our weather & climate.


All guests will receive a welcome kit at their hotel containing the following (per person):

  1.  2 medical masks
  2.  1.7 oz hand sanitizer
  3.  1 hand hanky (cloth guard for touching doors and other public spaces)
  4.  COVID-19 health information related to the State of Alaska and/or the Yukon

Cancellation/Rebook Policy:

Alaska & Yukon Tours cancellation & change policy regarding COVID is limited due to fare rules by the airlines and/or vendors.   All guests are required to sign the Covid Waiver and return it to AYT within 7 days of paying your deposit.

  • Guests who are flying on standard (published) air fares are restricted to the fare rules of the operating airline.  Most airlines are NOT offering refunds, but providing a credit of the full value of the ticket purchased.  Some airlines are also waiving change fees.   The portion of your package that includes published airfare is "locked in" to these rules.
  • Name changes & date changes are restricted by the airlines.  We will advise you of the policy at time of booking.
  • AYT is able to refund any monies paid, less amounts paid to cover airfare and/or other nonrefundable components, less a $50 administrative fee, for cancellations related to COVID-19 Travel Mandate changes or hunker down orders.  This does NOT include voluntary cancellations.  We will make exceptions for travelers who test 'positive' prior to arrival to Alaska for COVID-19.   AYT will lobby on your behalf with vendors who enforce a non-refundable policy and attempt to recoup your funds.
  • Almost all vendors in Belize are non-refundable, so we highly recommend travel insurance.  Refunds for Belize options may be done in the form of a credit at the hotel/venue/excursion.  As your agent, we promise to go to bat to assist you, but you really need to purchase travel insurance.
  • AYT Is not liable if you test positive or fail to test upon arrival to Alaska, the Yukon, and Belize.


Current as of July 27, 2021

Travelers are no longer required to pre-test for travel to Alaska.  Free testing and vaccines are available at ALL Alaska airports with service to Seattle.  We highly encourage all of our non-Alaskan guests to take advantage of either service.

Travelers to the remote destinations in Southeast are asked to test upon arrival in Juneau.  Many of these small communities do not have proper health care, and we need to work to slow the spread of Covid-19.

If you are taking part in our Winter program that includes travel to The Yukon, the Canadian government will require proof of vaccine and possibly a recent Covid-19 test.  Both can be done in Juneau.

External link: State of Alaska COVID-19 Traveler Policy


As of November 17, 2021

The border between the US & Canada is now open to non-essential travel.  At this time, we are not able to offer any tours to The Yukon due to a recent Emergency Declaration by the Yukon Government due to expanding Covid-19 infections.  We are voluntarily ceasing all winter 2022 offerings.  It is our plan to move forward with 2022 transborder Alaska & Yukon packages.

External link: Yukon COVID-19 Information & Updates

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