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Airlines have made it easy to train consumers to believe their websites always offer the best fare, or value.  The move to online booking in the late 90s also provided new platforms for price & flight comparison, and the 2000s airlines started charging for every little thing - from seats, to boarding, and even water on board.  However, some of these charges are hard to find on their websites and aren't always disclosed.

Is it REALLY worth a 6 hour sit in a major airport to snag a $200 deal, when another airline may have had a better option for just $20 more.  That maybe included free bags.

Or do you really know the difference between Basic Economy, Main Cabin, or premium?

Or when a flight gets delayed or cancelled - do you sit on hold for 7 hours with the airline, or try to call your online agency only to be told to call the airline or wait in line to get rebooked?

AYT's travel designers are all experienced agents who can help you navigate the various options to ensure you are given the BEST VALUE for your travel spend.

Our partnership with Travel Edge also gives us ample access to discounted first & business class tickets and added flexibility you don't get from the airlines.

  • We can accept CASH for an airline ticket.  Alaska & Delta in Juneau do not accept cash at their counters!
  • We are able to hold tickets for 24 hours (as long as the fare doesn't change).
  • We can cancel your ticket, after purchase, within 24 hours.
  • You'll receive updates on your flights as you travel, including gate assignments & bag claim information.  And if things go wrong, you'll also get faster information than the airlines will sometimes provide.
  • We offer an after-hours service to assist you if one of our travel designers isn't available
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