Airline Employee Discounts

AYT manages travel for a handful of airlines, and not only are we travel agents, but some of us also still work for the airlines!  We're happy to offer exclusive pricing for your trip to Alaska!  In order for us to verify you work for an airline, please make sure that you use your AIRLINE E-MAIL address and the name of the email matches one of the guests traveling.  If for some reason you do NOT have an airline e-mail address, please send us a picture of your valid airline badge.

These discounts are extended only to active airline employees and their eligibles.  One of the persons traveling MUST be an airline employee.

Due to the fact we understand how non-rev travel works, we will work with our vendors to get you a refund less a small penalty if you should not make your flights.  This is a special exemption to the normal cancellation policies of Alaska & Yukon Tours and our vendors for airline staff.

AYT also has an AMAZING nationwide contract with Alamo/Enterprise  - let us check on pricing for you by clicking on "Car Rentals" below.  Some of our rates are 50% off what you find on other airline discount websites and a certain "big box store" out of neighboring Seattle's travel program.

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